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February 20, 2007

Just when I think I’m doing good…..

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Sachet I made for Heather for Valentines Day 2007.

Just when I think I’m doing good, I go for a month without posting.  Well, not really but, ya know.

Friday Hubby took me and Heather to Carrabbas for our Valentine dinner.  He’s not too crazy about them, but took us because we love, love, love Carrabbas.  We also found out you cannot go sit in your car with the little buzzer thing they give you no matter how cold it is or it de-activates.  We ended up waiting a half-hour later than we needed to because we didn’t know this, but that was how long they said it would take anyway.  The three of us sat in the car, talked and had a good ol’ time.  :o)

Saturday Hubby and I went to pay for Heather’s cap & gown pics.  We decided that we are not going to order any of the senior pics they took there, we are going to go with the ones Rachel took for us.  We got 16 wallets and 2 – 5×7’s for $100!!!!!  That makes me even more thankful that I have such a wonderful friend that takes such awsome pictures.  Hubby then took me to Fresh Market……ahhhh, I love that place.  Best place to buy spices and bulk items.  I got yeast for about 1/3 or less the cost than it would have been at the grocery.  After Fresh Market he took me to Mia Cuchina so I could buy a kitchen toy.  :o)   I’ve been wanting a kitchen thermometer that reads a low enough temperature for dissolving yeast.  I looked on their website and saw one that went from 0 degrees to like 400 or somthing like that for $10.  The one I got goes from 40 to 450 degrees I think.  I just needed something that would go as low as 100 degrees.  I love it!! I made French bread dough on Sunday for pizza and it turned out great.  I measured the water temperature for my yeast by just running it over my wrist and it was only 103, my temperature needed to be between 110 and 115.  I was always afraid of getting the too hot that I wasn’t getting it how enough.   I’m hoping for many more successful bread baking ventures. MMMMM!


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